Sleep Consulting

Your baby’s sleep can be confusing. We can help!

One of the biggest challenges that parents face the first year after a baby’s birth is sleep deprivation. We all know to expect it, but it’s impossible to understand how unrelenting and mind-numbing it can feel until you’re actually in the thick of it. Our certified sleep consultants are experts in their field who work with babies and children of all ages. They offer virtual and in-home consultations where they do an in-depth audit of the child’s sleep schedule, sleep environment and sleep habits to create a bespoke action plan so that your child (and you!) can get more sleep. For families who want additional support, our experts offer daily support to help you stay on track and troubleshoot. Whether you’re an expecting parent who wants to start off on the right track, the parent of a newborn who won’t sleep more than a few minutes at a time, or the parent of a 7-month-old who still isn’t sleeping through the night, we can help.

Hadley Seward is a pediatric sleep consultant who works with exhausted parents to create long-term solutions for their child's … continue

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