Simone was a calming presence throughout our time working with her. I was nervous about breastfeeding for the first time, so I wanted to know that when I came home with the baby from the hospital I would have support lined up. Simone met us at the apartment the day after coming home and it was such a relief to have her hands on help as I figured out breastfeeding. She checked in on me as the first few weeks went by, and again even months later as I returned to work. She's great.

Emily L.

The second we met Simone when we were looking for a postpartum doula, I knew that she was the one. She is so relaxed, knowledgeable and non-judgemental. While we did not have a birth doula, Simone was communicating with us by text during my labor and while we were in the hospital. Once we were home, Simone was absolutely instrumental in keeping us sane. She helped me with breastfeeding and troubleshooting when it wasn't working well. She showed me how to pump (when we realized the baby was not latching on properly and I needed to supplement with pumped milk) and I credit her for us not switching to formula when we weren't sure if the baby was feeding properly. She connected me with resources in the areas such as breastfeeding circles and even accompanied me to one and helped me weigh the baby. Now my baby is a happy, healthy, exclusively breastfed baby thanks to Simone. She also connected me to other postpartum resources such as a physical therapist. We had long conversations in my living room about how I felt after giving birth, and prepared delicious snacks that I devoured at 4am feedings. More importantly than all of this, Simone is an all-around terrific resource for new moms and dads (although I will definitely call her if I have a second baby!) There are so many questions that arise when you bring home a baby for the first time and having someone so helpful and patient to call on is something I wish for every new mom. She helped both my husband and I feel that confident that we were doing a good job. Having a postpartum doula is different but absolutely complementary to having helpful family and friends (though I now consider her a friend!) Do not hesitate to recruit Simone on your team if you are expecting! Thank you Simone!

Melissa B.

We hired Simone as a postpartum doula for our first baby because both our families live out of town and we knew we had no idea what we were doing! I am so glad we did. From the initial conversations, she was warm and relaxed (which helped me relax). The first time she came over we happened to be in the middle of a diaper change. Unfazed by our psycho, barking dog, she washed her hands and jumped in to finish up the diaper change. She gently held our baby as if he was her own and I was struck by her warmth and the type of confidence that comes from knowing what you’re doing. Over the course of our time with her, she showed us how to bathe the baby, use the breast pump, bottle feed, and improved the baby’s latch significantly. She answered any and all questions we had and encouraged us to ask more. In our discussions about formula, going back to work, nyc schools, and parenting in general, she offered her experience free from judgement and always held the view of, whatever works for your family. I will make sure to mention that she has a great sense of humor and a lot of common sense (something I don’t take for granted and things you cannot train for). I will also make sure to add that it’s not easy for me to ask for help, even as incapacitated as I was from the c section. Simone continued to take initiative over and over so I didn’t have to make any awkward requests. She seemed to know what I needed when I needed it. I am so grateful for her help and would recommend her to any family. She is truly wise, knowledgeable, dependable, kind, and intuitive. She has helped me embrace parenthood and I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Elise M.B.

I'm so happy we decided to get a postpartum doula, and especially grateful we chose Simone. We are first-time parents and anticipated feeling overwhelmed when we got home with our newborn - and we did! Simone jumped right in on her very first visit with us and was there for whatever we needed - there are so many things we would have been clueless about without her. I planned on breastfeeding but was unexpectedly put on a medication that wasn't safe for nursing for the first couple weeks after our baby was born. Simone was amazing about helping to educate and encourage me about keeping my milk supply up so I could nurse once I was off the meds. Truth be told, I was a bad student and had trouble committing to pumping around the clock. Simone regularly checked in with me and adjusted the plan to my needs. And when I ended up deciding I was okay with giving my baby mostly formula and supplementing with breast milk, I never felt judged by her. She was always very supportive, checked in with me all the time, and helped and provided resources with so many things beyond breastfeeding: bathing the baby, swaddling, baby-wearing, sleep and other care tips/tricks, daycare research, sterilizing/washing bottles, etc. We were comfortable with Simone from day one, she was amazing with our baby and with us, and I honestly don't know what we would have done without her.

Lindsay B.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Simone Toomer, who made herself readily available to me and my husband from the night we brought our baby girl home to the entire month thereafter. We would have gladly paid everything in our bank accounts even just for her first visit, when I was a couple of days postpartum and frantic that breastfeeding wasn't going well and ergo I was a terrible mother, etc. Simone immediately calmed me down and matter-of-factly parsed a lot of the conflicting info that the hospital lactation consultants had given me, encouraging me to try pumping and to be more patient and experimental when trying to get my baby to latch. Finally I was able to get the process started while coming up with a practical routine and game plan for future feedings; our peace of mind after that initial visit was priceless. Aside from being an awesome lactation consultant, in her visits thereafter Simone gave our daughter her first bath, provided helpful sleep and hygiene tips (soo many great tips!!), and also encouraged us to go for our first date night since the baby's birth while she babysat, which we readily took her up on! Both expectant and new parents will be in kind and fully capable hands with Simone, who is also quick to laugh, empathetic, and very communicative at all stages. Thank you, Simone!!!

Lizz B.

My husband and I were looking for a postpartum doula who could help us feel comfortable with all the basics. We found Simone through DoulaCare and she was incredible. She was kind, non-judgmental, and an expert in all things newborn. We hired Simone for 20 hours spread out over several weeks. In that time, she answered about 10 million questions and got us comfortable with everything from swaddling to strapping on the baby carrier to giving a bath. She's also an extremely knowledgable lactation consultant, which was tremendously helpful for me. Our baby loved her and so did we, I would highly recommend her. She's a true pro who feels like an old friend just stopping by to help.

Molly M.

My baby had gotten sick in day 2 postpartum. We had to stay in the NICU for a week. During that time I lost my milk supply, was extremely exhausted, and anxious. Simone was my postpartum doula since our baby was 2mo. She helped me with lactation, breastfeeding, infant sleep, getting a rhythm, and just allowing me to rest. As a first time mom she had the perfect attitude and was always very helpful from the moment she arrived. I did really like that Simone knew how to make herself helpful in our home, our dogs were very comfortable with her, and I trusted her with my baby. Simone was always available by text and answered all my questions very thoughtfully and with a lot of knowledge. Simone will not force anything on you, will take direction, and teach with a lot of grace. I’m so thankful to her and the love that she brought into our family.

Euree C.

Simone saved me!! Before Simone, my nipples were cracked and bleeding. I was overwhelmed and unsupported. Despite reading every chance I got, I wasn't internalizing the information I was reading due to exhaustion and stress. Simone gave me useful information in a patient and helpful manner. She fixed my latch issues and offered suggestions on how to improve my latch in the future. She helped with cooking, educated me, and helped me feel more comfortable with my postpartum body. She was a friend, a teacher, a mother, a savior! I couldn't recommend her enough.

Jean E K.

SImone was our postpartum doula in May of 2017. She was super lovely and helpful. She specifically helped us with setting up the nursery, baby wearing, pumping (and planning around a return from maternity leave and pumping). She calmed us down and made us feel a little bit more organized during those early, early days of new parenthood. She also gave general advise around eating and sleep scheduling and made referrals to other professionals as needed. We met Simone while she was teaching a breastfeeding class and she advised on those issues as well. I highly recommend Simone as a postpartum doula to come and offer a calming presence to your newly babied home.

Michele L.