Placenta Services

Traditional practices. Contemporary know-how.

More and more women are turning to the ancient practice of placenta encapsulation to support healing and recovery during postpartum. Potential benefits include an increased presence of oxytocin (which facilitates a deeper connection between you and baby), a reduction in stress hormones (allowing your body to recover quicker and mood to stabilize), and an increase in milk production during lactation. There are more rigorous trials underway to get data to support what many women have known for ages. For now we are seeing very encouraging anecdotal evidence, like what was demonstrated by Dr, Daniel C. Benyshek, Ph.D., a medical anthropologist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In a study of nearly 200 women, 95% of them reported having a “positive” or “very positive” experience with the treatment. Our providers at Babu are trained and certified by reputable organizations in the process and as always, stay informed with the most current science available on the subject.

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