Grace L.

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Harlem , New York

A graduate of the International Culinary Center (formerly the French Culinary Institute) in NYC and trained in the kitchens of some of Brooklyn’s best restaurants, Grace completed a certification in holistic nutrition from Bauman College and has been a personal chef for four years. She takes pride in the great honor and responsibility of cooking and caring for her clients. Grace understands the impact diet has on pregnancy and milk production, along with the enormous physical and emotional transitions of childbirth and early parenthood.

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Because your main focus postpartum would most likely be your baby, your recovery and resting every break you have. We offer assistance with meal preparation because it can also help the healing process through nutritionally smart choices. Our experts will make your life easier by designing a menu that works for you and your family.
Food is personal. Taste buds also are. We suggest to book a free consultation with the Babu expert that better suits you and your family before your due date. Ideally, when you and the baby comes back home, your refrigerator will be full with meals cooked with love and all those delicious nutrients moms need to heal fast, breastfeed and recover.