Childbirth Education

You live in a big city but you still need a village

Learning what to expect from your birth process is the key to having a peaceful journey. Our childbirth educators will give you the confidence to interface with your clinical team and make sure that you know all your options at every step. Deeply grounding this practice in evidenced based information and conveying it to their clients in a way that is approachable and relatable.

Anna is a mother and a lifelong artist. Creative, sensitive and agile; Anna is able to stay fluid and present … continue

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Grace R.

Hailing from a long line of healers, Grace is a mother of three and a naturalist. She is a Matrona … continue

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Grace S.

Grace offers practical, realistic, evidence-based information to prepare parents to have the kind of birth they want, but be prepared … continue

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Kasia offers a full range of services from conception to birth and postpartum as well as offering early childhood consultations … continue

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Having supported over a thousand families with custom care and with more than three decades doing this work, we feel … continue

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Mary’s philosophy is that a healthy foundation is a catalyst for a healthier future. Born, raised, and living in … continue

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The depth and diversity of her experience truly make Myla a Wise Woman in a young body. An Old Soul … continue

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Simone is crossed certified through Lamaze and Doula Trainings International as a Certified Childbirth Educator and trained in Hypnobirth. Simone … continue

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As the mother of three young adults, Tanisha believes in a woman’s right to birth her baby as her … continue

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Yoko Lytle came to birth work after the birth of her two sons with a desire to create community and … continue

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