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Crown Heights , Brooklyn

Certified Birth Doula by DONA International, HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method). Tia offers unbiased educational, informational, and physical support throughout your conception, pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Having had her own birth and postpartum Doula, Tia knows how important it is to have this continuous support. She is now certified to assist clients that are using Hypnobirthing as their birthing choice. Tia is currently a CLC and can assist with breastfeeding support at postpartum visits.

Full Package
Birth Doula Essential Package

  • Two prenatal meetings at your house
  • 24/7 on-call service after 37 weeks
  • Continuous presence during labor and delivery
  • Immediate breastfeeding support after delivery
  • One postpartum meeting at home
  • Full email and phone support
  • Resources and referrals

I was very skeptical of the concept of having a doula at first. It was foreign to me. I never heard of the term before. My friend started telling me I should get one for my pregnant girlfriend at around the time she was three months pregnant. We investigated and went with our gut feeling and decided to interview with Tia. Within minutes of meeting Tia, I could see how comfortable and how calm she made my girlfriend feel. Giving birth is a very emotional and spiritual process so that was an important quality that I appreciated so we decided to go for it and we picked Tia as our doula. From that day we met her and until the time my girlfriend gave birth, it was nothing but great advice, great support, great decisions and great energy. Tia advocated for us and our well being the whole time in the hospital. What an experience! I advise anyone who might be a first-time parent or who needs some support to contact her immediately.


My wife and I hired Tia to assist with the birth of our son. As first time soon-to-be parents, there was a lot we didn't know. Tia's home visits prior to the birth were so informative. They were also fun since Tia has such a great personality. She helped us understand what to expect, and armed us with a lot of info that enabled my wife to ask the right questions and make decisions confidently. During the birth, Tia's presence was invaluable. My wife had a very long and difficult birth, and having Tia there gave me time to rest, and I was also able to observe how she was able to soothe my wife so that I could also participate. We were truly a team during those 36 hours and shared laughs, concerns, advice, and some delicious Italian takeout! Tia will always have a very special place in our hearts and we hope to stay in touch with her for a long time.

Tom Ace

I don’t think my husband and I could have had such an amazing birth experience without Tia. She is incredibly knowledgeable and guides you through every part of pregnancy and preparation for birth. Her kind spirit and encouragement is invaluable in labor. As with all births, ours was different than what we expected or planned. Tia helped us through conversations with our care provider to help us have the birth we wanted and advocate knowledgeably for ourselves throughout my induction. After the birth, Tia went above and beyond to support us as we settled into parenthood with breastfeeding and the often overlooked aspect of self-care. I would highly recommend her as a doula and birth educator. She’s amazing!

Jessica Moy

Within minutes of meeting Tia during our initial interview, I felt instantly at ease. She has such a pleasant and positive demeanor. She’s also very funny and had me laughing within those first few minutes as well. All of these traits would prove to be invaluable as I ended up having a long and difficult birth. My gut feeling was so strong that Tia was the right fit that I hired Tia on the spot, canceling my remaining doula interviews, and haven’t looked back since. During the prenatal visits, Tia provided my husband and I with so much information outside of what my OBGYN provided. This enabled me to ask pointed, informed questions during my doctor visits, questions I never would have thought to ask prior. My actual birth went the opposite of what Tia and I had planned for, as births often do. Throughout my 36 hour labor which included an induction, epidural, 3 hours of pushing followed by an emergency C-Section, Tia was there with my husband and I, supporting, comforting, distracting during the really intense moments, and continuing to help inform and make smart decisions. So, while my birth did not go as planned, I still felt in control and empowered, and that was because of Tia. During the lighter moments of those 36 hours, she made labor FUN with a variety of props that included upbeat playlists, adult coloring books, and hilarious comedy videos. During the intense moments, she soothed with spa music, aromatherapy and massage. She also helped empower my husband in his role and in no way overstepped any boundary. After the birth, we kept her on for postpartum services and she was an enormous support during those very difficult first few weeks. Her postpartum visits allowed me precious time to nap, shower, read, run errands or just have some much needed time to myself. She’s great with babies and I trusted her completely with our son. We hired a doula and ended up with a friend that I hope will be in our lives for a long time.

Andrea Schmidt

From the moment we met Tia, my husband and I knew she was the person we would like to join us and guide us through our first-time birthing experience. We made the right choice and fortunately, she chose us as well. Tia educated us through a series of decisions during the birthing experience and helped us to understand what was going on during the labor and delivery. She focused us on informed consent -- making sure that we understood the decisions we were being asked to make and the options available to us. Tia also helped ready the environment that our little one was going to come into, made the hospital feel a little like home and gave me much needed comfort! She was part of the most intimate moments of our life and it felt so natural to have her there, guiding and protecting us. She educated us before, during, and after our little one's birth. We were so blessed to have her as our "tour guide" and would recommend her to anyone else with absolute joy and happiness.

Shannon Casey

As a first time mom, I was very nervous about giving birth and breastfeeding. Because of this I decided to hire a doula to guide me through the process. Hiring Tia was the best decision I made. I had a very long delivery — 35 hours. Tia was there for me the entire time. She provided physical, mental and emotional support. As a result, my birth was safe, smooth and not a C section (which I really did not want). She encouraged me to be vocal about my needs and wants with the hospital staff and not give in to pressure to have my water broken or take pitocin. It’s not that Tia is anti any of these things, but she knew from talking to me throughout my pregnancy that I really did not want them. Breastfeeding was tough, but Tia encouraged me to keep at it and offered helpful advice, tips etc. I ended up initially supplementing with formula and then finally exclusively pumping so my baby was 100% on breastmilk. Tia was supportive of all of my decisions. She is not judgmental at all — a phenomenal kind-hearted doula!!

Jennifer Borzooyeh

Your Doula is your primary source for emotional, physical and educational support during pregnancy and throughout the entire birthing process. Your Doula is there to help your birth be safe, empowering and a memory that you will cherish for life. Doulas are available for phone consultations throughout the pregnancy and will schedule visits with you in person leading up to delivery. After 36 weeks of gestation, your Doula will be on call 24hrs a day, and will be fully and constantly present during labor. Your Doula acts as an advocate and is there to support your choices regarding your pregnancy and birth; they do not impose their own agenda.
A Doula will support and empower your choices for your pregnancy, whether it is a natural birth, medicated, or cesarean; be it a home birth, at a birthing center, or in a hospital. The Cochrane Review recently published a study stating: “... Supportive care during labour may enhance physiological labour processes, as well as women's feelings of control and confidence in their own strength and ability to give birth. This may reduce the need for obstetric intervention and also improve women's experiences”.
A Doula is there to support your decisions. Think of it as the co-pilot on this journey, minus the decision making privilege. Only YOU and your partner are legally responsible for any decisions made during pregnancy, birth and afterwards. To put it simply: NO.
Anytime. This is a personal decision you will make when you feel you need support outside from your family and friends, an unbiased voice, a friendly expert, an active witness of this beautiful stage of your life.
Yes. Doulas are supportive of whatever decisions parents make during pregnancy, birth and/or afterwards. A Doula should never encourage nor discourage a mother to choose between having a medicated or unmedicated birthing process. They will be able to review the pros and cons of your decision if you feel so inclined to share it with them.
Yes. Again, a Doula is an extra pair of hands, ears, a voice that can help you express your wishes at a very vulnerable time. A Doula will never make a decision for you, but can certainly help you feel supported about the ones you make. That includes a C-section.