Tanisha Evans-Marin is a New York doula and childbirth educator. She has been supporting New York families, friends, and clients throughout the birth process for over 20 years. As a child, she planned to be an obstetrician, and after having children of her own without the support of a doula, her love and passion for women and children and her understanding of the holes that do exist in the birth support process led her eventually to her current role. Tanisha believes strongly that the person giving birth has an innate ability to birth their babies, and she holds no preconceived expectations or hopes (other than safely) of how a birth should happen. She strives to educate, nurture, support and bring peace to families through a calm demeanor, warmth, humor and a profound passion for what she does. Tanisha has now attended over 155 births and served more than 70 families with postpartum services. She has been certified as a birth and postpartum doula by DONA (CD, PCD-DONA) and as a birth doula by Carriage House Birth (CD-CHB). She is a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator (LCCE) as well as a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). She has been trained as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, a Malaysian Bengkung belly binder and a provider of Sacred Postpartum Care.

Full Package
Birth Doula Essential Package

  • Two prenatal meetings at your house
  • 24/7 on-call service after 37 weeks
  • Continuous presence during labor and delivery
  • Immediate breastfeeding support after delivery
  • One postpartum meeting at home
  • Full email and phone support
  • Resources and referrals

Tanisha is wonderful. She was incredibly supportive and calming during my high-risk twin pregnancy, and of course before and after my c-section. She was a strong advocate in the hospital (I am medically squeamish and was I very nervous to have an operation while awake). She provided guidance and strength when I was completely overwhelmed post-op, she managed our families in the waiting area, and when I told her I don’t think I could have done this without her, I meant it. She is warm and knowledgeable—and she has a great sense of humor, which is very helpful for any kind of birth. She also got along great with my husband. Laura Podolnick Dukhon

Laura Podolnick Dukhon

I couldn't recommend and praise Tanisha enough. From the minute I met her I felt so comfortable- she has amazing calming and warm energy. She is a true expert and makes informed recommendations without ever judging or pushing. Our labor classes were extremely helpful and she truly made the labor experience so much more comfortable. She arrived quickly when I called her and navigated the hospital with confidence making sure we had the best rooms and best care. While she helped me through my contractions she also kept my husband calm which was really important as well! He loved knowing there was a real expert in the room with us. She was there to ask all the right questions and make sure I had what I needed. I absolutely loved my experience working with Tanisha!

Molly Knauer

We love Tanisha and feel an incredible sense of indebtedness to her for the critical role that she had in the birth of our first child. My partner and I were instantly at ease with her from the first phone conversation and the rapport continued to develop during the home prenatal visits. It is clear that I would not have had the unmedicated birth that I wanted without Tanisha’s involvement. Her kind, compassionate, unwavering support and guidance during every phase of labor makes her saint in our eyes. She‘s been an invaluable resource postpartum in answering breastfeeding questions and just being her delightful, nurturing self. We are incredibly thankful that the Universe granted us the good fortune of being introduced to Tanisha and that she was available for our due date.

Ashely Mays

I honestly do not have enough good things to say about working with Tanisha as our doula for the birth of our first child. I met with several doulas and knew right away that she would be perfect. Tanisha cared so much for us as expectant parents and now as parents and our baby that I feel like she a family member. She was incredibly thorough preparing us for the birth and was with us for the entire day+ of labor. Multiple nurses and doctors at the hospital independently commented about how incredible Tanisha was. She asked the medical staff all the right questions and helped my husband and I make calm rational decisions throughout the entire labor process. She massaged and soothed me nearly the entire time - I am not sure how she had the stamina to do that! She was also excellent at giving my husband tasks throughout the entire labor which was very helpful as he often did not know what to do for me. My mother was also there for the labor and birth and she was so impressed with Tanisha that she went out a bought her a gift afterward. We also sent her a bouquet of flowers. We will forever sing her praises. Tanisha has a great sense of humor and we had a lot of fun preparing for the birth with her. There were even quite a few comical moments during the labor that we had a good laugh about later. In our post-birth meeting, she asked us if she could have done anything better and our honest answer was absolute no. I could not adore Tanisha more.

Elizabeth Giardina

After a disappointing first birth experience I had determined that if I had ever gotten pregnant again, I was going to hire a doula. When I found out I was expecting for the second time, I began my search. I spoke with several doulas and while it was a difficult decision, I chose Tanisha and it was the BEST decision I made. Tanisha was thorough, attentive, intuitive, and proactive. She was everything I wanted and didn’t even know I needed! Amidst unanticipated obstacles that arose during my labor, Tanisha remained poised and prepared to face each challenge with the most calm demeanor. I was concerned that after my many hours of labor, I would still end up with a c-section and I’m confident that had Tanisha not been there, I would have. Because she was there I was able to successfully defy the 18% success rate I was given at my initial VBAC consultation. Because she was there I was able to give birth to my baby girl vaginally and have the birth experience that I wanted. Hiring Tanisha was such a worthwhile investment and I can’t recommend her enough. I’m so grateful to have had her on my team!

Jane FK

Tanisha was just amazing! As a first time dad, I have to say I was extremely happy I had Tanisha in my corner during the birth of my baby. She was very knowledgable, professional, understanding and great at providing the support both my wife and I needed. Thank you and I hope you continue to make this experience a good one for the next lucky couple or a single person that have you as a doula.

Johnny Versailles

Your Doula is your primary source for emotional, physical and educational support during pregnancy and throughout the entire birthing process. Your Doula is there to help your birth be safe, empowering and a memory that you will cherish for life. Doulas are available for phone consultations throughout the pregnancy and will schedule visits with you in person leading up to delivery. After 36 weeks of gestation, your Doula will be on call 24hrs a day, and will be fully and constantly present during labor. Your Doula acts as an advocate and is there to support your choices regarding your pregnancy and birth; they do not impose their own agenda.
A Doula will support and empower your choices for your pregnancy, whether it is a natural birth, medicated, or cesarean; be it a home birth, at a birthing center, or in a hospital. The Cochrane Review recently published a study stating: “... Supportive care during labour may enhance physiological labour processes, as well as women's feelings of control and confidence in their own strength and ability to give birth. This may reduce the need for obstetric intervention and also improve women's experiences”.
A Doula is there to support your decisions. Think of it as the co-pilot on this journey, minus the decision making privilege. Only YOU and your partner are legally responsible for any decisions made during pregnancy, birth and afterwards. To put it simply: NO.
Anytime. This is a personal decision you will make when you feel you need support outside from your family and friends, an unbiased voice, a friendly expert, an active witness of this beautiful stage of your life.
Yes. Doulas are supportive of whatever decisions parents make during pregnancy, birth and/or afterwards. A Doula should never encourage nor discourage a mother to choose between having a medicated or unmedicated birthing process. They will be able to review the pros and cons of your decision if you feel so inclined to share it with them.
Yes. Again, a Doula is an extra pair of hands, ears, a voice that can help you express your wishes at a very vulnerable time. A Doula will never make a decision for you, but can certainly help you feel supported about the ones you make. That includes a C-section.