Kasia responded to a call to serve others after her own life-affirming, natural birth. Kasia holds a double MS degree, is a Matrona certified Full Spectrum Holistic Doula and a KRI International Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. She offers a full range of services from conception to birth and postpartum as well as offering early childhood consultations and RIE® inspired classes for parents and children. Her breadth of experience (which includes Spinning Babies, Acupressure, Kundalini Yoga, Theta Healing and Coaching) makes Kasia’s practice truly holistic. Her thoughtful, balanced approach focuses on creating a deep sense of trust, where women can come to a deeper knowing of themselves through their births while becoming empowered to create life experiences that they will cherish forever.

Full Package
Birth Doula Essential Package

  • Two prenatal meetings at your house
  • 24/7 on-call service after 37 weeks
  • Continuous presence during labor and delivery
  • Immediate breastfeeding support after delivery
  • One postpartum meeting at home
  • Full email and phone support
  • Resources and referrals

Kasia is a breath of fresh air - much needed - when you're getting ready to bring a baby into the world. I especially appreciated her Theta healing. I had a toddler while pregnant with my second and my work with Kasia created space for self care. Additionally Kasia provides guidance on nutrition and anything else you might need both prior to birth and afterwards. She's a wonderful resource. Birth is one of life's greatest transformations of energy. Having Kasia in the room made me feel supported on all levels. Her genuine presence made me feel safe and relaxed. I cannot recommend her enough.


Because of Kasia, I was able to have the most beautiful natural birthing experience with confidence. She who is knowledgeable, warm, professional and absolutely caring will help you make informed decisions with her many resources while respecting your needs. She will educate you and prepare you for the biggest event of a woman's life! You will learn a lot from her, she epitomizes the name of her company- Honor Nature. We are eternally grateful to have met Kasia.


We are glad we found Kasia. Greatful for all the help, clarity, knowledge which made our experience with child birth so much more aware and in control. Kasia was amazing help during labor pain coping and child birth.Would always recommend her.


Kasia was our amazing Doula, and helped my wife deliver our first baby. She's kind, patient, and also made my wife and I feel very much at ease every step of the way. She's also a very talented photographer, and we have great shots of our daughter's first hour and even a home photoshoot a few weeks later. If you're looking for a Doula that's able to support you all the way, call Kasia!


Kasia was a positive reinforcement during pregnancy and postpartum. She was always very responsive and resourceful and patiently addressed all my questions and concerns. I had a complication during delivery and we had to make a decision whether I needed to have a caesarean birth. Kasia was instrumental in helping us understand the risks and consequences of a vaginal birth in my situation which led us to deciding that I’d have a caesarean birth. She was most helpful postpartum when I had lactation issues and my baby was not latching and transferring enough milk. She directed us to an occupational therapist who in turn completely fixed my breastfeeding troubles. Kasia was resourceful in helping us get donor milk for our baby when things were rough and we couldn’t give the baby formula. She was available at all times to offer her help and support and we are forever grateful to her.


I cannot imagine my birth being anything different than what it was all due to Kasia’s calm and soothing presence. I strongly believe that I am one of the minority women who experienced a positive birth that I strongly desired (all natural with no interventions of any kind in a hospital setting) due to Kasia’s help, care and encouragement. She took amazing care of me during my labor, was very responsive when I called her to come on a short notice when I went into labor and gave me strength through it all and in my biggest moments of weakness. There are no words that can describe how grateful I am to have met her and had her by my side during that time. Not only was she amazing providing physical and emotional support during the labor and birthing process but she has proven invaluable and given me attention and support postpartum with follow up phone calls, visit, breastfeeding support and words of encouragement that I am doing fine. She feels like a long known friend that I can turn to about any of my concerns or needs or just to listen to. I can’t wait to have her as my doula again with baby number 2 when the time comes! Thank you for all the love and support Kasia!


I really enjoyed and learned a lot from Kasia. She was very supportive and caring. My pregnancy was very easy, my delivery super fast and painless. I didn't take any form of medication. I had the delivery I had wished for thanks to her.


I can’t understate how big of a role Kasia played in making the pregnancy and birth experience a success. We found Kasia online, fairly late in the process. We set up a skype call, and after talking, we knew we had found a doula that genuinely loved her job, was caring, extremely knowledgeable, and to be honest, fun to hang out with. As she was getting close to full term, my wife was having doubts about her new OB and the hospital we were set to deliver in. She was stressed about the fit, but felt a little stuck given how close to the finish line we were. Kasia encouraged my wife to continue to explore different options. Despite being late in the pregnancy, Kasia preached patience and helped us find a great mid-wife in a hospital that was essentially like a birthing center. In hindsight, it was an absolutely great call – much more in line with what my wife was looking for. During labor, Kasia was supportive, helpful, and caring. My wife wanted birth to be as natural as possible, and Kasia helped keep her focused on her priorities. She kept cool and helped create a great environment to bring our baby into the world. After the birth, Kasia has continued to be a valuable resource, helping us find a pediatrician who perfectly fits our needs. She was also particularly helpful with regard to giving advice on breastfeeding. As the husband, having gone through the process now, I really can’t understate how critical Kasia’s role was. She gave my wife some very badly needed peace of mind. Having someone that she could completely trust was huge. Pregnancy is a stressful and disorienting time, and Kasia was an invaluable resource and friend to my wife from pregnancy, to labor, to post-partum. She consistently went above and beyond expectations. Through phone conversations, texts, and in-person meetings, Kasia calmed, advised, and educated my wife with her expertise, positive energy and genuine enjoyment of her work.


Kasia is a wonderful doula and I am happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for caring, kind, sweet, compassionate and very knowledgeable doula. Prior to birth she made sure we are on the same page on EVERYTHING regarding birth process. Thanx to her questionnaire, I was able to set my preferences, verbalize wishes and concerns, and find main blocks and fears about labor as well as strengths to cope with them. Kasia offered so many pain management tools, that i not only wasn't afraid of labor any longer, rather felt excited about it! When the anticipated day came, Kasia came just like we agreed, when I felt I needed her. It was early morning , and the pain was too much to deal on own. Her peaceful confident presence, compassionate calming eyes, soothing voice made me relax and tune into my body, mother nature and baby who was gonna get born so soon.I leaned against her, she massaged my shoulders, we swayed together, I repeated affirmations after her, visualized positive images she offered, groaned and moaned- again together- all of the above eased my pain tremendously and empowered me both physically and spiritually. If it were not for Kasia, I honestly do not know how I would survive transition at all. When we got to birth center, I was not surprised to hear I was 10 cm dilated. Pushing was easy, and thanx to Kasia's support, the baby was born within half hour. Though there appeared to be vaginal hematoma after birth and hospital transfer was needed, Kasia stayed by my side all the time warming me with her smile and kind words. She was patient and loving, and very real. She visited us after birth, and called a few times to check on me and my little angel. If I need advice, she is one of the those i may call any time! I was very happy to work with her and hope you will be too.


Your Doula is your primary source for emotional, physical and educational support during pregnancy and throughout the entire birthing process. Your Doula is there to help your birth be safe, empowering and a memory that you will cherish for life. Doulas are available for phone consultations throughout the pregnancy and will schedule visits with you in person leading up to delivery. After 36 weeks of gestation, your Doula will be on call 24hrs a day, and will be fully and constantly present during labor. Your Doula acts as an advocate and is there to support your choices regarding your pregnancy and birth; they do not impose their own agenda.
A Doula will support and empower your choices for your pregnancy, whether it is a natural birth, medicated, or cesarean; be it a home birth, at a birthing center, or in a hospital. The Cochrane Review recently published a study stating: “... Supportive care during labour may enhance physiological labour processes, as well as women's feelings of control and confidence in their own strength and ability to give birth. This may reduce the need for obstetric intervention and also improve women's experiences”.
A Doula is there to support your decisions. Think of it as the co-pilot on this journey, minus the decision making privilege. Only YOU and your partner are legally responsible for any decisions made during pregnancy, birth and afterwards. To put it simply: NO.
Anytime. This is a personal decision you will make when you feel you need support outside from your family and friends, an unbiased voice, a friendly expert, an active witness of this beautiful stage of your life.
Yes. Doulas are supportive of whatever decisions parents make during pregnancy, birth and/or afterwards. A Doula should never encourage nor discourage a mother to choose between having a medicated or unmedicated birthing process. They will be able to review the pros and cons of your decision if you feel so inclined to share it with them.
Yes. Again, a Doula is an extra pair of hands, ears, a voice that can help you express your wishes at a very vulnerable time. A Doula will never make a decision for you, but can certainly help you feel supported about the ones you make. That includes a C-section.