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Emile believes firmly that every woman should have the birth she desires, the information needed to see it come to fruition, and the capacity to be an advocate for herself and her family. She affirms that giving birth is one of the most sacred yet completely normal experiences in a woman's life. Her goal is to help her clients normalize the depth of this experience and stand in that power. With invaluable training as a homebirth midwifery assistant, Emilie uses a holistic approach to help get a woman to the other side of the mountain called Birth by employing plant-based medicines, aromatherapy, low guttural vocalization, rebozo massage, counter pressure, guided meditation and breathwork.

Full Package
Birth Doula Essential Package

  • Two prenatal meetings at your house
  • 24/7 on-call service after 37 weeks
  • Continuous presence during labor and delivery
  • Immediate breastfeeding support after delivery
  • One postpartum meeting at home
  • Full email and phone support
  • Resources and referrals

The best decision I made while pregnant was having Emilie as my doula. I knew I wanted a natural birth experience, and someone who would champion for my wishes. Emilie did that and much, much more. In the months before delivery, Emilie met with me for pre-natal care, informing me about hospital interventions, medications, and decisions I'd have to make for my child. When contractions began, Emilie coached me and then met us at the hospital. (She was getting ready to meet us at home but my labor was very fast). At the hospital, she helped me settle into a comforting routine. With every contraction, she held my body, coached my breathing and I felt completely in control of my labor and delivery. There was no screaming, or kicking as I imagined there'd be. The nurse even commented that this was the most controlled delivery she'd ever seen -- thanks to Emilie! She kept me hydrated, massaged me, and coached my husband about what he could do. She worked incredibly well with the nurses and doctors, who would often ask for her input throughout the delivery. I was so nervous about giving birth but I was fully empowered and in control over my body. I absolutely loved my labor and delivery experience. And I was able to avoid all interventions, just as I desired. After giving birth, Emilie visited me, bringing herbal sitz baths, helping with breastfeeding, making me laugh, and talking me through all the issues I was facing during that first month. It's been several months and she still checks in on me. She's the best!


From the moment first spoke to Emilie and then met in person, I was certain she would be the person to help us with the birth of our second child. It felt as though we had been friends for a long time. She was extremely knowledgable and it is abundantly clear she loves what she does. From initial meetings, to follow-ups throughout my pregnancy she was attentive and responsive. The day our son was born, Emilie was on top of it all. She helped me stay calm and truly kept me focused when I thought I couldn't handle much more. After our son was born, she stayed with us until we were settled. She helped with our initial go at breastfeeding and helped to get that first latch. We couldn't have asked for a better partner in our journey and I would recommend her a million times. Thank you, Emilie, for everything! You are truly a bright light!


Emilie, Emilie, Emilie! My husband and I are forever grateful that she’s a part of our birth experience. At first, we didn’t think we needed a doula as we were taking an 8 week intensive child birthing course. Thankfully the folks at Manhattan Birth highly recommended having one and we started the search. When we first met Emilie, her personality reflected exactly what we read of her; a strong advocate for natural birth, who has a holistic approach around nutritional, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We knew she would be the perfect fit. We had an earlier than expected delivery, which caused us to do a last minute switch of provider on the day before Thanksgiving. Yes, just imagine the chaos. She went above and beyond to help pull out all her network and contacts to look for best alternative options. At the end, we switched hospital from midtown all the way to NJ. She showed up like a champ on Thanksgiving Day and guided us through the whole journey. Her guidance to my husband and I made it possible for me to achieve my birth goals in spite of all the last minute surprises. The hospital staff didn’t even think she was a doula and commented, “we’ve never seen a doula like you.” That’s saying a lot! Even after birth, she’s been super caring and stayed in close contact. She even brought homemade food on her postpartum visit! Overall we’re very happy with our decision and would recommend her to anyone looking for an exceptional doula!


Finding Emilie was one of the best decisions I made in my pregnancy journey. She played a huge role in actually making my delivery and labor the experience I wanted to have. I honestly couldn't imagine the day without her and hope it's possible to have her by my side again for future pregnancies. Among the many amazing things she did for us: - Was incredibly warm from the very beginning. She exudes calmness and openness in the way that I needed being that I'm usually very type A and labor/delivery are not experiences you can control - Offered my husband guidance on how to support me throughout my labor/delivery and met with him 1:1 so they could work out how to best support me as a team - Gave us great tips on questions to ask our OB so that we could establish a birth plan - Helped me figure out what exactly I wanted on the big day in terms of a vision and ideal scenario - before my exercise with her I honestly had no clue - Helped us labor at home according to plan then instructed us when it was time to head to the hospital (I had a relatively fast labor and probably would've stayed home too long without her direction) - Helped us manage the chaos that is a NYC hospital. She remembered what was on our birth plan when the hospital lost ours and helped us with advocating for ourselves when dealing with pushy hospital personnel. - Kept us on the right path towards executing our birth plan. The intensity of contractions mixed with an unfriendly hospital environment meant that at several points I didn't believe in my own strength. During these moments Emilie looked me in the eye, reminded me of my strength and assured me that we were making good progress. I didn't trust anyone but her and it's only through her guidance that I was able to deliver without any medications. - Took amazing photos that we will treasure forever - this might seem minor but was so huge for us, I absolutely love all the photos she took while my daughter was being born. It allowed my husband to be in the moment and was a wonderful gift. - Followed up often post-delivery to check on how I/we were doing. This was so huge - as a first-time mom with limited support I often didn't even realize when I should be reaching out for help and she did an amazing job of not waiting till I reached out.


I can't say enough about Emilie's impact on our birth. She was patient and accommodating during the interview process as we met with various doulas before deciding to go with Ashe. Once we decided to go through this process together, she welcomed all of my questions and concerns. She had a keen sense of knowing when I was being apprehensive with a concern and welcomed it all. During the birth she knew exactly where to touch to ease my discomfort and was great with taking direction if there was something specific that I needed. Since the birth she has still been accessible and welcoming of questions and concerns as I navigate mommyhood for the first time. We are truly grateful for her.


Our birth experience with Emilie was fortuitous - the doula we had lined up was away when I unexpectedly went into labor early, so Emilie stepped in as our back-up doula - but I strongly believe that it was all meant to be. Emilie was a rock star from the get-go. She walked into our L&D room armed with a backpack full of helpful tools and goodies, and she put my nerves at ease by expertly employing different methods to guide me through my contractions. She is confident, respectful of your wishes, and she's the type of person who you feel like you can open up to and joke around with within the first 20 minutes of meeting her. She is also great at keeping tensions at bay and making sure everyone in the room - the doctor, nurses, etc. - gets along and works together as a team. She worked tirelessly through my 20+ hour labor to make sure I made it through the birth in a positive and empowering way. It is because of Emilie that when I look back on my birth experience, I think, first and foremost, of our shared journey together and feel grateful. I cannot recommend Emilie enough. Thank you Emilie!!


There are no words that can express how appreciative I am that I had Emilie by my side during this sacred journey. From our very first meeting, she mapped out her role as a doula, things I should expect, ways I should prepare for labor as well as things to do in celebration of my pregnancy. I immediately felt comforted and supported in way I didn't know I even needed. Throughout my pregnancy Emilie was always available to answer any questions, help me work through my fears so I remained open and grounded. When the big day finally came, things did not go as planned. Emilie was there, flexible and patient throughout my 20 hour long labor. She was the support both my partner and I needed. I felt empowered to make the decisions I needed to without feeling pressured or discouraged. Postpartum, Emilie was amazing. The first three weeks were tough. Between recovery, hormones, breastfeeding and simply acclimating to motherhood I could not keep my head above water. She checked in on me, offered valuable advise, listened while I cried and made sure I ate (so important). I made it through in one spiritual, mental and emotional piece and enjoyed the moments of becoming a mothers because of her encouragement and support.


Where do I begin, I knew I wanted a doula to support me throughout my pregnancy so much so that in the very early weeks once I discovered iI was pregnant ( even before my first prenatal appointment ) I contacted Emilie. We wanted a birth that was natural, holistic and unmedicated with little to no interventions . After meeting with Emilie i knew she was the doula we needed to support us on our journey! Her beautiful spirit and energy shined through even the baby agreed she was the one for us. Emilie answered all my questions and let us know how she would support us during our birth. We planned for a Home,water birth to welcome our son into the world. Due to some unexpected changes we decided to head to the hospital. I am immensely grateful that Emilie was there to support and guide us, she made sure that our birth plan was followed as close as possible. During my hours of labor she helped me with breathing and focusing, so much more! She supported me in ways i didn’t even know i needed ! We had a beautiful birth , although it turned out different than we initially envisioned it was absolutely perfect. We got to meet our Son!! And he was born happy and healthy! Not only was Emilie present and supportive during labor, but she has been available for me during postpartum. I have encountered tons of things she’s been available to answer all my questions. She’s helped me with getting my little one to latch as well as visiting to check on my well being. I’m so glad we had/have Emilie in our lives !! I would definitely recommend all pregnant mamas to get a doula to support them and their partners during pregnancy and after.


Your Doula is your primary source for emotional, physical and educational support during pregnancy and throughout the entire birthing process. Your Doula is there to help your birth be safe, empowering and a memory that you will cherish for life. Doulas are available for phone consultations throughout the pregnancy and will schedule visits with you in person leading up to delivery. After 36 weeks of gestation, your Doula will be on call 24hrs a day, and will be fully and constantly present during labor. Your Doula acts as an advocate and is there to support your choices regarding your pregnancy and birth; they do not impose their own agenda.
A Doula will support and empower your choices for your pregnancy, whether it is a natural birth, medicated, or cesarean; be it a home birth, at a birthing center, or in a hospital. The Cochrane Review recently published a study stating: “... Supportive care during labour may enhance physiological labour processes, as well as women's feelings of control and confidence in their own strength and ability to give birth. This may reduce the need for obstetric intervention and also improve women's experiences”.
A Doula is there to support your decisions. Think of it as the co-pilot on this journey, minus the decision making privilege. Only YOU and your partner are legally responsible for any decisions made during pregnancy, birth and afterwards. To put it simply: NO.
Anytime. This is a personal decision you will make when you feel you need support outside from your family and friends, an unbiased voice, a friendly expert, an active witness of this beautiful stage of your life.
Yes. Doulas are supportive of whatever decisions parents make during pregnancy, birth and/or afterwards. A Doula should never encourage nor discourage a mother to choose between having a medicated or unmedicated birthing process. They will be able to review the pros and cons of your decision if you feel so inclined to share it with them.
Yes. Again, a Doula is an extra pair of hands, ears, a voice that can help you express your wishes at a very vulnerable time. A Doula will never make a decision for you, but can certainly help you feel supported about the ones you make. That includes a C-section.