Birth Doulas

You´re build for birth. We got this.

Your Doula is your primary resource for emotional, physical and educational support during pregnancy and the birthing process. Your Doula is there to help your birth be safe, empowering and a memory that you will cherish for life. Doulas are available for phone consultations throughout the pregnancy and will schedule visits with you in person leading up delivery. After 37 weeks your Doula is on call 24hrs a day and will be fully and constantly present during labor. Your Doula acts as an advocate and is there to support your choices regarding your pregnancy and birth; they do not impose their own agenda. A Doula will support and empower your choices for your pregnancy, whether it is a natural birth, medicated, or cesarean; be it a home birth, at a birthing center, or in a hospital. The Cochrane Review recently published a study stating;” “... Supportive care during labour may enhance physiological labour processes, as well as women's feelings of control and confidence in their own strength and ability to give birth. This may reduce the need for obstetric intervention and also improve women's experiences”.
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