Jill W

Like most women I know, I thought when I got pregnant, especially the first time around, I could eat anything I wanted. We'll make up every and any excuse...I sure did. "I'm eating for two now" or, "when else will I have the opportunity to eat whatever I want with little to no guilt"?!? In fact, everyone I know promoted the fact to do so. So I did. In the moment, it did make me feel good I have to admit. But, between the pregnancy and the heavy pastas, burgers, donuts,etc, my body felt heavy and lethargic...and overly sluggish. Even with my one a day morning coffee, I still couldn't shake the tired feeling. When I met Nilma, she didn't judge my habits but gave me some suggestions to help make me healthier, mind and body. First step juicing. If I didn't have time to make it myself, I made sure I got it somehow. This was an easy addition as it was something I had done before and I remembered made me feel energized. And sure enough it did just that. I didn't "need" my morning coffee. I just needed foods that would help give me, and baby, the right kind of energy through my daily diet choices. For me, this meant green juice and a slight change with my eating habits. I followed some great guidelines to be healthier for me and my baby. Did I cut out burgers completely? No. But I did become more conscious of how my eating was directly affecting my mood and my energy level. "If I was feeling crummy, how was my baby feeling?” I knew I needed to give her the best jump start to this life. Even though I was 6months in, I made the conscious decision to make the change. Believe you me, it became incredibly hard at times, but I am sure now it made the last part of my pregnancy so much better in the end. And furthermore; a healthy, calmer, more aware me meant a heathy, calmer delivery for baby.