A match made in Manhattan!

Sheila is the Managing Director and Senior Legal Officer at a large New York City investment firm. At the office, she is the paragon of stability and competence. But, when she found herself three weeks from a scheduled C-section, she knew enough to ask for help. Enter Nilma; a holistic prenatal and postnatal counselor and certified Doula. Nilma's unwavering support and steady guidance allowed Sheila to be fully present for the biggest moment of her life. After Ava's birth, Sheila felt called to connect expectant mothers with the same type of support she had received from Nilma. So, they joined forces. With Sheila's expertise in business and Nilma's experience in the wellness industry and her vast network of accomplished specialists, these two are using their perfect collaboration to bring a timely and necessary offering to new families in NYC.


Human to human connections

We believe that human to human connections is vital to an empowered, peaceful and joyful perinatal journey. From conception to a toddler's first platdate, Babu aims to create those connections. Guided by our core values of evidence-based information, judgement-free care and the spirit of inclusion, our mission is to help every family make informed decisions about their birth, health, and future, and provide them with the support they need during that process.

We love to collaborate with like minded brands. Please feel free to reach out to us with event ideas or product collaborations.


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