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Breathe easy and know you are supported all the way through. By assembling a team of care providers for the entire range of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, you can relax knowing that you are in the hands of a trusted community that has your best interest at heart.
A curated full spectrum perinatal support network right at your finger tips.
A doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth.
Taking over for your birth doula after delivery, your postpartum doula will guide and support you through the complex transition of the “4th trimester”.
Will be by your side for the vital process of breastfeeding. Being prepared and confident during this crucial connection with your infant reduces stress and increases the likelihood of success.
Knowing what to expect from your birth process is the key to having a peaceful journey. Our childbirth educators will help you interface with your clinical team and make sure that you know all your options at every step.
Capture the precious, fleeting moments of your pregnancy, birth and during your child’s infancy. Our photographers create images that capture the beauty, emotion and vibrance of this special time.
Staying fit during pregnancy and recovering from your birth require a specialized knowledge that will keep you safe and address the very specific structural concerns of these massive changes in your physicality.
Creating your sanctuary is important for pregnancy and postpartum. Work with our specialists to design the perfect environment for rest and ease.
Meal plan to optimize nutrition for you and your baby during pregnancy and beyond. Have meals delivered or prepared right in your home. Getting the right nutrients means well-being and balanced moods for mama and healthy development for baby.
Keeping a feeling of coherence and confidence in the face of all the changes that the body encounters during pregnancy is essential for a positive outlook throughout your journey. Get hipped to designers and brands that align with your core ethical beliefs, then create a look and a wardrobe that is in your budget, comfortable, practical and beautiful.
As the pressures of our lives begin to mount, it is very easy to let our minds run away from us and get wrapped up in 1,001 projections and worries. Returning to the body and putting ourselves in the hands of a skilled practitioner can be just the reset we need to get a fresh perspective and tackle the challenges before us.
What is holistic beauty? It stands the conventional beliefs of an outdated, normative industry on its head. It focuses on adorning ourselves with affirmation, valuing the many forms of women and empowering each other to step out in our unique beauty. We begin from a foundation in nutrition and wellness then we look for natural products that work synergistically with your body to produce holistic states of beauty; like skin care that replenishes the biome instead of stripping it away or masking it.
More and more women are turning to the ancient practice of placenta encapsulation to support healing and recovery during postpartum. Potential benefits include an increased presence of oxytocin (which facilitates a deeper connection between you and baby), a reduction in stress hormones (allowing your body to recover quicker and mood to stabilize), and an increase in milk production during lactation. There are more rigorous trials underway to get data to support what many women have known for ages. For now we are seeing very encouraging anecdotal evidence, like what was demonstrated by Dr, Daniel C. Benyshek, Ph.D., a medical anthropologist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In a study of nearly 200 women, 95% of them reported having a “positive” or “very positive” experience with the treatment. Our providers at Babu are trained and certified by reputable organizations in the process and as always, stay informed with the most current science available on the subject.
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